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● 50% non-refundable deposit to be paid upfront in order to start the work.

● If the paid deposit is less than 50%, Stage payments and time frames will be scheduled in consultation with the customer.

● Final payment requirement – if the method of the payment is bank transfer, final payment to be made two days before the scheduled installation. Should the customer choses to make the payment in cash, then the final payment to be made on the day of the installation before commencing any work.

● Order confirmation will be emailed to the customer upon final check and measure, this will include the details of the selected fabric and the work to be done.

● As a standard, Curtains and Blinds patterns will follow as displayed in the sample book. For example, if the stripes pattern is horizontal in the sample book, it remains horizontal on the curtains and blinds made, unless mentioned otherwise in the order conformation. Minor lot variation in the colour may occur as compared to the sample fabric.

● Total time for the delivery and installation is 4 -6 weeks from the day of placing an order. This may change due to unforeseen circumstances; however, this will be communicated with the customer promptly.

· AMRI Décor uses high quality premium products. All our Curtains (fabrics) Tracks and Rods come with 1 year warranty and Blinds mechanism comes with 5 years manufacturing warranty.

· We will either repair our goods, or replace our goods with new goods, at our options, if: The goods have defect in the materials or workmanship, or goods fail to operate as intended.

· This warranty is in addition to the other legal rights you have under the law.

· Our goods come with the guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer law.

● Normal wear and tear;

● Abuse, misuse, or accidents;

● Exposure to the elements (e.g. sun damage), or discolouration over time, sever industrial or corrosive environments;

● Exposure to high humidity (resulting in mould & mildew or ‘warping’) e.g. kitchens, bathrooms and natural variations in grain, colour and texture for timber venetian blinds and other timber products.

● Curtains floor clearance may have minor variations especially when installed ceiling fix, this is generally due to uneven floor surface or ceiling and also reaction to the weather such as hot and cold.

● Failure to follow instructions with cleaning and maintenance. AMRI Décor recommends to follow the care label instructions on the back of the curtain for care instructions. Blinds to be wiped with the wet cloth or use of mild soapy water.

● Modifications made to the product by any person other than a representative of AMRI Decor.

● The warranty doesn’t cover the costs of removal of the warranted goods or installation of the repaired or replaced goods.

● Product loses the warranty if the agreed payment balance remains pending/unclear as per the quotation.

● Call out service fee will apply for minimum of one hour. $75 for first hour and $50 for each hour from there on, for each visit exclusive of gst.



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